Venus Girl

Venus girl walks on jupiter and feels so pretty

But then she listens
to the others and
Oh here starts her pitty

not woman enough * not man enough * not foreign enough *not venus enough

Does she have money?
Does she have a good heritage?
They mumble and mumble and make her bumble


Venus girl walks on the main road. 

Venus girl feels sad.
They see her small feet and start to send 

Her back to bed…

is she tall?
is she blond?
is she blue eyed?

Pretty little girl… oh so pretty
And in her pitty… she only hears the others 

Pitty pitty
once so pretty

now you are stuck in your pitty
Pitty pitty

We will not let you go
Pitty you were, pitty you are, pitty you so…


Venus girl walks on small roads…
Her head towards the street…
Feeling sad and useless
No one here to play with or just to meet


Pretty little girl… oh so pretty you where 

Forgot yourself and all your beauty
Pitty pitty oh my dear
No one here will beat your fear

Pitty pitty is all you are
Pitty pitty from the unknown far

Venus girl remembers…
Her dad said:
‚close your eyes and you see what is yours.‘
venus girl did as she was told and answered surprised: 

‚it is all dark. There is nothing.‘
‚Exactly.‘ He answered. ‚That’s what is yours. Nothing.‘

‚Venus girl.‘ He said. ‚You are a workers child – you stay a workers child. Why do you want to study even more?‘


So venus girl walks on mars and gets even sader 

They don’t like her either
It’s all just fake


Pretty pretty little girl 

once you where happy and could laugh 

funny? What is funny? .-
You play with your naked foot in the bare sand

Pretty pretty little girl

Now there is only pitty 

Pitty pitty oh my dear
Go away with all your fear

Splish splash.

Says venus girl.
No matter where I am. Splish splash.

So shall it be.

Splish splash. Be aware. Splish splash. Splish splash. Splish.

Sad Venus girl.

A fairy tale in April 2020.

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