My demon speaks in tongues & 

bites me in my neck

she tears out my veins & 

spits my bloody flesh behind her back.

My demon offers shelter & 

helps me go to bed.

She asks me to recover.

Caresses my head.

My demon speaks in tongues.

She finds her ways inside me, when I sleep.

She holds me close & drinks from me, 

I can not even breathe.

I awake alone.

The morning bright and silent still.

My demon is all gone 

and with her all my will.

I sit alone. 

My wounds bleed still.

She with her disturbing beauty

enters again without my will.

My white linen covered in red.

Blood she drank from me.

Anxiety curls up & I feel dead.

Pain freezes me.

So cold, I stumble & 

find no place to hide.

My demon speaks in tongues & 

speaks passionate to me.

His blank teeth sparkling clearly.

He wants to feed on me.

He tears my insides out. 

I hope to die - but no, I still breathe.

I awake alone.

The night dark

and silent still.

I hurt & curl up inside me.

I awake alone.

My blood drops silently.

I lick my wounds & see no light.

I am alone, 

no way to go, no place to hide. 

Anxiously I wait for the next one to feed on me - 

my flesh red, my blood not dried yet. 

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