femicides - 




Simone D. Fachel


space - 

how to we construct space? as humans and as females? 

public space & private space - how to we build, move, inhabit?

big brother - which parts of us, our faces, our homes do we exhibit & why? 

traces - which traces do we leave? how, where, why? 

colours - which colors are in our every day life? 


 planning started: 02/2021

research started: 03/2021

interdisciplinary project: 2021 / 2022


stay tuned .... 

on demand 2021:

*how do the new service industries form peoples lives?
*how does corona intervene with the new service industries?

*how are traditional roles of  gender in work prolonged in new service industries? (outdoor = men, indoor = house?)


further cooperations ****

in depth concept ***** detailed research **** extraordinary approach *****  artistic work: documentary photography // portraits // interviews //  sound //  installations // performance // 

research phase II: spring 2021

project planned: autumn 2021

stay tuned....

copyright: Simone Desiree Fachel

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